Teri Secrest

“… is a favored guest on our television program, Everlasting Love … keeps her audience captivated motivating presentation …”

Patricia King
Host of Everlasting Love, God TV

Inspirational Speaker • Best Selling Author • Certified Wellness Coach

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What Others Say about Teri

“... privileged to have had her as our keynote speaker for the Healthy Living Conferences in Singapore and Malaysia -- the attendees loved her!”
Karen Conjeho
General Manager, Singapore
“... six-city speaking tour on natural health throughout Japan ... a huge success! ... enthusiastic, professional ... taught the connection between eating healthy and being more successful in business. I highly recommend Teri!”
Nozumo Shinriki
General Manager, Japan
“The most fun-loving person I have ever met. Teri shares the wisdom of health and business in a way that moves the audience to action...I've gleaned so much wisdom from her.”
Joan Hunter
Television Talk Show Host

Inspirational Speaker • Best Selling Author • Certified Wellness Coach

Teri shares her secrets to vibrant health and vitality! Learn how to thrive at any stage of life.

Explore how to infuse joy into every aspect of your life, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

Discover the profound connection between personal wellness and professional excellence with Teri Secrest. Learn strategic insights on enhancing both physical health and business success and how to truly thrive without striving.

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